Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life with a Dog

Oh my, how life has changed with our "addition." It's true, it is just a four-legged addition, and not a human one, but it sure is a lot of work! I am so blessed to have a break at work that is long enough to get home to let the boy relieve himself. I am so blessed to have a husband that is nice enough to let me use his ear muff type head phones ear plugs in order to fall asleep at night. Finn is one loud dog, holy cow! The first night with him home, we went to bed at 10pm. We were woken up at 12:15am. Again at 3:30am. And yet again 4:30. Then I was up for the morning. Night #2 with Mr. Finnegan? Repeat of the first night. Horrible. Needless to say, it has gotten better as Finn has spent more and more time with us, in our house, in his kennel. We get woken up around 5:15 each morning, which is fine during the week, but a pain in the butt on the weekend! Can I be like a mom with an infant? We weighed the boy. He is up to 9.5 pounds at 8 weeks. That's up an entire pound since we brought him to the vet. He's still a tiny boy, though! Okay, one more thought about the pup, then I'll be done. We brought him to the lake today, just to check it out. We had no intention of putting him in the water. We want him to love swimming, so we didn't want to scare him by forcing him into the water. My parents-in-law's dog came down with us and loved jumping off the dock to fetch a tennis ball. Finn was very excited about running around the shore and picking up sticks. The boy did fall in the water. Twice. He hid for a few minutes after the first fall, but the second didn't phase him a bit.

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