Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dream Big

I love my house. Absolutely adore it. Hubs found the house online the day it was listed. The following day, we had a showing, our second of the day. We liked the house we saw first, and were contemplating an offer on that house. Those plans flew out the window the moment I walked through the front door of the house. I stood in the entryway and knew I would live in that house. It already felt like home. It now is home, and I love it.

But, oh, I have dreams for my little house. Big dreams.

Dream #1: Paint. The color of cheap grated Parmesan cheese for a house? No thank you. But, that is what we are dealing with. New paint would be absolutely beautiful. Oh, yes, a big project, but a lovely change. I have yet to even dream of colors, but it will not look like cheese. And that, my friends, I assure you.

Dream #2: This one will be attained much more quickly. Mostly because I'm already halfway there. Woo-hoo! My husband and I have a lot of stuff and it is all hanging out in our office. Daaang. Here's the problem. It's all of our stuff. Oh wait. I haven't even stated the dream. ADD moment. The dream: a beautifully organized office. The plan: bookshelves out. Good and our bedroom. One bookshelf is already there and it has helped so much! Now, we need to get the other bookshelf over there and go through the rest of our "stuff."

Dream #3: A beautiful bedroom. Another one that we have started. But, we have not gotten far. Paint will work wonders--it always does. What color would you choose for a bedroom, though? Oh, I just don't know. There are also things that we need to move out of our bedroom. Like the box of tax documents? The (empty) ceiling fan box? The remote control car? Yeah, not necessary...

But the biggest dream of them all? Well, there are two. The first? A new kitchen. The second? An addition. We would love to add an office and a 3 season porch. Or we could buy a bigger house with more acreage. These dreams, of course, are years and years away. But a girl can dream, right?

That's what's so great about dreams. I'll dream about the kitchen and the addition for quite some time and that is just fine.

Oh, and my other dream? Chickens. I would love to have chickens!

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