Friday, December 23, 2011

The Wall

Mr. Husband and I took the first step in finding out about our wonderful wall with the lame "pantry." We have successfully cleared the pantry (it is only two cans deep) and found new places for each and every item. We were even able to get a few appliances off the counter to clear up some counter space. A few appliances on the counter are okay, but counter space is even better!

Our purpose for cleaning out the pantry was to open up the floor plan of our main level. Our kitchen is small and extremely enclosed, making it hard for two people to be in there at once. Slightly irriating! We made places for everything in the container, proving to us that we would not miss the "pantry" on the lame wall.

So we went right ahead and called a family friend that works in construction. He'll be over tomorrow morning to check on the wall. He will let us know if we can tear it down without having the roof cave in on us. Hooray!

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