Monday, December 5, 2011

Culinary (?) Creations

I'm not positive that these creations can truly be called culinary. Especially since I threw one out after one bite (it was gross!).

The first creation was Stone Soup. This is something we make in Kindergarten the week of Thanksgiving every year. I thought the Stone Soup tasted horrible, so I worked on it a little bit at home. It didn't get much better, and I'll have to give it another go shortly. It looked decent enough, the taste just wasn't up to par.

I made two batches, one with gluten-free vegetable stock (top), the other with chicken stock. Both looked pretty, but landed in the trash can mere minutes after being done.  Oh well!

The next creation was one of my all time favorite, super easy dinners. Hobo dinners!  I LOVE them, and they are SO simple to make. I involved Mr. Husband in this dinner, since I felt overwhelmed with life that day. He was a gem and chopped all of the vegetables while I mixed Lawry's super yummy seasoned salt into the ground beef.  He did a fantastic job.

 As you can see, I also use my cooking time as an "experiment with photography" time. Look how quickly his hand is moving while chopping the mushrooms!

Anyway, a hobo dinner (well, our hobo dinners this time) included mushrooms, carrots, green pepper and onion for the vegetables. I don't care for the texture of having an onion in my mouth, but they definitely need to be included in the cooking process to bring out all of the delightful flavors... So, if you're like me and despise onion, include them anyway and pick around them while eating.

We also boiled potatoes as a yummy way to serve the meal.  It was delicious!!

And to the right is the product before being wrapped up and heading into the oven. The ground beef is hiding under all of the vegetable goodness! We double wrap them in tin foil and place them on a cookie sheet.  I stick them in the oven at 350, then check them after 25 minutes to see how the beef is holding up.  YUMMY!

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