Saturday, March 26, 2016

Same Old Story

There's not much to say, but there is so much to say.

It seems as though, every so often, I am drawn back to this blog of mine. But then, things pick back up and I am absent for a few months. Not surprisingly, this "schedule" of mine goes along with my school calendar. And, in case you didn't realize it, I am always drawn back to the blog when I'm on break.

It's spring break now ... my husband and I have enjoyed calling out "SPRING BREAK!" whenever we're stressed or adulting really hard. It just serves to remind us how much our lives have changed since we enjoyed spring break in college.

Daaang, we're just lucky we still get spring break.

A lot has changed since I was here last.

My baby girl is ONE! I cannot believe it. She is a hoot and a half. I'm 100% positive that her first word was "uh oh" and she first said it when she threw her "pato" (lovey) behind her. She likes to throw things, though she doesn't throw well (or, she throws really well because she adds a little backspin and can play "catch" with herself). She is interested in anything and everything her brother does, and she is not afraid to tell us her opinion.

She is, most definitely, a keeper.

My big guy is almost THREE! That's even harder to believe. I have a three year old person. And man, he is a great guy. Sure, he tests our patience (all the time). He currently says he loves bad guys, but is quick to remind me that bad guys never "winned." And whenever we're playing super heroes, he is Batman because Batman helps all the people. One minute, he is "yer-yer-ing" us (think lightsaber sound). The next minute, he is belting out: "It's a jolly holiday with Mary!" using a toy putter as a cane and attempting to dance like Dick Van Dyke.

Seriously, though. My kid is awesome.

We are currently potty training the big guy. He's a stubborn little dude, though, and often tells us that he would rather poop his pants. (thanks, bud.)

I'm planning a joint birthday party for the kids in the next few weeks and am toying around with the idea of 2 separate themes. I know that birthday parties don't have to have themes ... but I like having a little flair on the invite. Kid told me that he wants to have a spaghetti themed birthday party. I think that is perfect.

Well, hopefully the motivation I'm feeling to write will stick around for awhile....

Happy Easter!

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