Monday, March 28, 2016

{Airstream Rehab}

Yes, we still have the Airstream.

Yes, we are still planning to renovate and use it.

Yes, we are crazy.

There are some big things coming down the line for the Barge. Two new axles are on the way to our house as we speak. We have four new wheels coming, and five new tires.

The back floor section has been replaced, and we found another extremely soft spot near the front. As is expected, these soft spots are all located under windows.

My husband has found the plans we will be using for building our J-shaped dinette.

I'm still working on decorating. Being at the decorating stage is a long ways away. Especially if we continue to find soft spots in the floor.

My dad (we are currently storing at their house) is convinced we have a squirrel problem. That makes me extra nervous!

Yesterday was the first day of spring break. With the kids at daycare, we went to look at new-to-us cars. We don't currently have a vehicle that would be great for long-distance towing. I get excited about getting a new (to us) tow vehicle because my car would be the trade-in.

That's all I have for an update on the airstream....

It's definitely proving to be a slow process!

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