Monday, May 13, 2013

One, 6 Weeks Already?!

My sweet baby boy is already a month old. I can barely believe it.

Okay, I admit it. He is 6 weeks old. I'm a little late. We should probably get used to that.

Hubs and I have found ourselves in a new normal. It's a fabulous new normal, and while it is tiring, it is so rewarding. While he treks off to work each morning, leaving Kid and I each with a kiss or two and an 'I love you,' the baby and I meander into the living room to begin our day.

Our days are wonderful. We typically start with a feed and a diaper change. Then another diaper change shortly thereafter. We play on our tummies, we read some books. If the weather were nicer, we'd take the dog for a walk. We (Kid) eat some more, complete some chores around the house and think about dinner.

When the hubby comes home, I get a little break. While I try as hard as I can to sleep with the sweet boy sleeps, I can only sleep so much during the daylight hours. Plus, my brain goes a mile a minute with all the projects I've started as of late. In fact, in the last week, I didn't nap at all during the day, and was I ever tired come 8pm.

So what is Kid up to at a month of age?

Eating a lot (every two or three hours!)
Lifting his head (woo hoo!)
Sleeping a lot (except every third night)
And, he's growing like a weed

It's probably best to stop there, as he will be two months old before I know it. I have to save some milestones for that post, right?

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