Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby No More (sorta)

My little boy has made it to his due date! Hooray!

Technically, his adjusted age is 0. I'd say he's pretty advanced for being so young!

Today, though, his status of "youngest grandchild" got passed on to another. I'm fairly certain I mentioned it early, but my sister has been pregnant. Her due date? Just five days after mine.

But today, five days early, they welcomed the newest member of our family. Jacob was born at 12:25 this afternoon, a mere 4 hours after my sister's water broke.

Apparently she and I do things (well, the whole labor thing, anyway) rather quickly.

Ava has already proven to be a rock star big sister to little Jacob, but sometimes calls him Baby Kid.

Such a beauty that Jacob is. We can't wait to get know him and love him up!

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