Friday, February 24, 2012


We've started wall demolition and an experience it has been! As mentioned before, we had a construction buddy stop by. We were told that the wall was not load bearing and could be taken down (hooray!).

The big, ugly, useless cabinet was emptied during the pantry reorganization (another big hooray!).
Do you see how horrible it is? It isn't that deep, which is the problem. You know the big cans of tomatoes? Crushed, stewed, whole, etc.? Think of the diameter of that can (I think it's the 28 ounce size). That's how deep the pantry is. Useless, just useless. Plus, you can see in the bottom right corner of the picture, there is a counter top. That is our peninsula. Makes for a little walkway between the kitchen and dining room. Key word: little. After emptying the cabinet, it wasn't missed even a little bit.

So...after dinner the other night, we took it down. And it was frighteningly easy. And now, amazingly g-g-g-gone!
Oh yeah. We put some holes in it too. You see, here is the story:

First came the hammer.
Then came the (big) holes.
Then came the...

  • Why are there two 2 by 4s in there?
  • What does that note say? (there was an inspector's note nailed to the doubled up 2 by 4s).
  • Can I put more holes in the wall? (that was from my lovely husband).
  • Let's call a home inspector (that was from the sensible wife).

So, when I started thinking about this post, I was going to say that now we'd have to wait to hear from the city's building inspector and that we hope that the wall is not load-bearing and that we will live with a wall that is half destroyed.

But the wonderful husband went to the city right after work and found out that "what? That wall? That's not doing anything."

And, as I type, our wall looks ... fabulous? It doesn't look that fabulous right now, but the husband is pounding and demolishing away.

And soon, there will be no wall!

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