Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017, A New Year

The plans were for my to jump back into the blogging world without an explanation as to why I have been gone for so long. I've seen other bloggers do the same. I've even read blog posts about how you should not jump back into blogging with an explanation, and that you definitely shouldn't start with an apology.

I promise you all that I will not be apologizing for my absence. My absence, of nearly six months, has been an absolute delight. We've traveled, we've chased our two little munchkins around. The big kid start preschool this year. The little one let us know that she would like to be in charge. So I won't be apologizing, because I'm not sorry that I haven't even checked into the blog since July.

I don't even have an image to share today (goodness, I am breaking all the blogging rules). I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm here. And I'm back - not back in the sense that I will be posting daily, or even more than once a week. But I have missed writing. So I'm back.


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