Sunday, January 3, 2016

::Dinner Plans #24::

I am going in a new direction this week: budget friendly. Well, it's more of a pantry clean out. We have a freezer in our basement that is beyond full, a pantry that is bursting at the seems, and a regular freezer that has not an inch of space left. My plan is to use what we currently have for as long as possible - and to see how long I can go without spending copious amounts of cash money.

Sunday - Shepherd's Pie: a repeat from last week, I know, but we didn't get to it.
Monday - Leftover chili: it's been taking up space in my freezer for a few months.
Tuesday - Stir Fry: this has also been taking up space in the freezer for a few months.
Wednesday - Family Dinner
Thursday - Pan-fried Venison Steak and Steamed Veggies
Friday - Spaghetti: I have 2 quarts of frozen marinara sauce in the freezer, too.
Saturday - Tater-Tot Hot Dish: another recently made meal. We typically have the ingredients for this on hand all of the time.

In looking at my current pantry, I think my bill for dinner ingredients will be about $3. Of course, I will need to purchase some fresh fruit for snacks in the upcoming week, but I think this might be the cheapest week (grocery-wise) of my life.

What are your go-to budget friendly meals?

How about your go-to pantry clean out meals?

...I'm always looking for new recipes!

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