Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snow Baby

I try not to post much on Sundays, but this little peanut was looking far too adorable sledding yesterday to keep the pictures under wraps. It was technically our second sledding adventure with Kid, as we brought him last winter.

Hubs had been gone hunting all day yesterday, while Kid and I ran errands and got some things done around the house. When he got home, he was antsy, so we made the last minute decision to go sledding. The nervous mama in me felt that our close-to-home sledding hill was too steep for Kid. The Hubs agreed (as he would be the one pulling Kid back up the hill). We decided to stop at my in-law's house for some mini-sledding.

Kid loved it! I'm so thankful that we finally have snow. While I'm not normally one for impromptu plans, I'm glad we bundled up and went sledding. I'm never quite sure what activities I can do while knocked-up, so I played photographer for our sledding adventure, using a new lens, too!

Sledding may just become one of our favorite activities this winter. What are your favorite things to do in the winter?


  1. We just took ours sledding for the first time this weekend too. He had a blast! I wasn't sure what to expect from our first WI winter here in River Falls but so far, not too bad. :) Glad to have some snow though!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! You're new to WI? I've lived in MN my whole life...winter's don't surprise me anymore. Where were you before WI? Congrats on pregnancy #2 and finding out that it's a human! :-)