Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hello, Again!

I'm posting from the Northwoods of Minnesota, as we are on our yearly camping trip to Cuyuna. The hubs and his dad SCUBA dive the old iron pits while the ladies (and baby, er...toddler) hang out in the sun. We've been blessed with another year of fabulous weather.

I'm posting from the front seat of our truck, seat belt on, ignition off. We are parked right behind our camper.

Why aren't you in the camper, you ask?

Someone (not naming names, but I bet you can guess) decided to wake up at 3:10 and had no desire to go back to sleep. We fought for an hour, then decided a car ride would do the trick. And the kid had been asleep since the moment the truck rumbled to life.

We can hear gun shots over head as day has broken on the duck hunting season opener. The pup is watching out the window as the mountain bikers emerge from their tents. He, too, is listening to the gun shots. I think he know that someone somewhere is hunting. If dogs feel jealousy, he's feeling it today for sure. 

And while I sit here and watch the sky turn from black to pale blue, I realize how much I've missed this space of mine. I realize how much has happened since July, and how I have enjoyed every moment, but missed so much.

The hubs and I are back to work. Slowly, we get back into a routine. It's difficult to adjust to new routines, but it is a must. We now have the unfortunate job of tearing Kid out of bed every morning, the sleep still in his eyes. He slowly wakes up in the car, and enjoys breakfast when we finally get to our destination. We hurry off to work and put in our time (except teaching is so, so much more than that), only to hurry home to play with Kid. The house chores get pushed off, there's always a mess to pick up.

But our sweet boy is happy and healthy and loving life. Even at 3:30 in the morning in a Saturday.

As a parent, can you ask for anything more?

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