Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweater Pants!

I ran to Target the other day and picked up a super cute sweater on clearance for $3.50. Steal! Sadly, the sweater did not fit. I found myself at Google, wondering what I could do.

Then, I was reminded of one of my favorite sites: Prudent Baby. I love, love, love Prudent Baby and think it is so wonderful that they have a tab for projects by craft. I can go see all of their sewing posts with a simple click. It. is. awesome.

Anyway, I remembered seeing this post about sweater pants and figured my super cute blue and green sweater would be perfect. And it was.

I had some elastic in the amazing sewing hutch I received after the passing of Mr. Husband's grandma. I had my lovely sewing machine ready to go.

The tutorial was super easy to follow, and the pants were finished in 15 minutes. I gave them to my niece and had her try them on. She's on the small side for her age (18 months) so the pants were a bit long. Believe me, it was easy enough to roll the bottom of the pants for a perfect fit.

If you have any old sweaters lying around, sweater pants are a simple project (and a quick one, too!).

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